Component Seals

Acumen Seals supply the full range of dynamic rotary seals from O ring mounted to diaphragm mounted, from single spring to multi spring. The single spring seal is the simplest form and most commonly and widely used type of mechanical seal available. The Acumen range has been specially designed and manufactured enabling us to competitively offer all the commonly found single spring seal types throughout Europe and other major markets throughout the world.

Our rotary seals are directly interchangeable with all other major manufacturers' seals, meaning no modifications to pump housings are required, and can be offered at very competitive prices!

We stock a comprehensive range of seals to suit all specifications, including DIN, ANSI, and also other American, European, and Worldwide industry standards.

Along with a broad range of products available from any one supplier, Acumen Seals also have full design and build capabilities, offering seals to suit the customer’s specifications. Large stocks are held at both Manchester and Bolton and delivery is available 24 hours a day, all year round.

In-house expertise enables us to identify problem-sealing applications and find cost-effective and economical solutions. This can often involve complete redesign and subsequent manufacture of special seals.

Diaphragm Seals / Parallel Spring Seals

The line drawing above shows the standard section of an Acumen rubber diaphragm seal. The shaft seal is provided by the rubber diaphragm which is squeezed onto the shaft by the drive ring. Once fitted, the rubber diaphragm will grip the shaft giving a strong static seal and very positive drive, via the drive ring, to the seal face. As there is no relative movement between the shaft and the rubber diaphragm, shaft fretting, wear, and hang-up hysteresis are eliminated and the seal can immediately accommodate some shaft run-out and misalignment. Shaft axial movement and the movement required during the working life of the seal are handled by the elastomer rubber flexing at its junction point (J on dia.). The seal head automatically adjusts to compensate for face misalignment caused by shaft end float/pump body misalignment. The spring force and the seal pumping pressure force maintain the faces in full contact whilst the rubber diaphragm acts as bellows providing sustained flexibility. The positive drive of the seal face is transmitted via the drive ring and retaining housing and not via the spring, which merely provides some closing force to the seal faces. These seals can therefore be used to seal shafts rotating in either direction and in vacuum applications.

O Ring Mounted / Conical Spring Seals

Our conical spring, O-Ring mounted, mechanical seals have been designed by Acumen to have a small cross-section and a complete recessed O-Ring housing. A narrow seal head width allows the seals to easily fit confined DIN 24960 (EN12756) housings, whilst also providing the benefits of reduced face surface running speed with increased circulation around the seal faces. Seal loading is provided by conical springs or wave springs, with conical springs being the most common.
Seal drive is provided by the conical spring tightly gripping the shaft at its base. Stock seals are supplied as standard with right-hand drive springs for clockwise shafts. Left-hand springs for anti-clockwise shaft rotation should be specified on order.
Utilization of wave spring technology in Acumen seals allows the design of extremely compact seals, in both the axial and radial directions. Wave springs provide equal loading and deflection at a fraction of the free height when compared to helical springs, making them suitable for limited spaces. Other main advantages for mechanical seal use are their insensitivity to contaminates, whilst providing straightforward fitting. These main characteristics make wave spring seals ideal for food, chemical, and restricted fitting applications which are prone to clogging.
Our resilient O-Ring mounted seal designs are technically efficient (readily accommodating misalignment and vibration) and are highly versatile. Acumen offers a wide range of face material combinations and spring/seat sizes to suit most applications. Our design standard of a narrow cross-section head with a full recessed O-Ring groove, combined with alternative seal face materials, maximizes seal performance and prolongs seal life.

Rubber Bellows Seals

Acumen elastomeric bellows seals are of compact design with a sealing action that provides many benefits. The bellows high strength and flexibility are the key to the very reliable performance of this type of seal as it readily accommodates misalignment, end-float, and seal face wear. The convoluted bellows profile makes these seals ideal for media prone to clogging or for hygienic applications. Designed for confined spaces and limited gland depths, Acumen rubber bellows seals are bi-directional in operation and provide secure bellows sealing for longer life in a wide range of applications.

PTFE Wedge Sealing Design

The chemically resistant PTFE component is spring-loaded, to force the flexible angular lip of the wedge, into tight contact with the shaft. The same spring force impacts a sufficient load to the rotary face to create a suitable seal interface with a varied choice of standard stationary seats. The features associated with the wedge seal design make these seals ideally suited for chemical process pumps and many other aggressive applications.

Multispring Seals

Acumen Seals supplies a complete range of multi-spring and balanced design seals, all of which are high-quality internal and external seals. A range of stationaries can be matched with these seals to provide a versatile, high-duty sealing solution. A visual spring gap allows monitoring of seal face wear. All these seals are completely interchangeable with existing designs.

OEM Seals

Acumen Seals stocks a large range of single-spring mechanical seals that will directly replace common pump manufacturer seals. We are continually extending this range and can offer seals to directly replace virtually any seal that you require, and for the complete range of applications including food and beverage, compressor and refrigeration, slurry, power shower, Jacuzzi, and waste disposal, the list is endless!