Industry Defined Seals

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The following are just a sample of industries where Acumen Seals have been highly successful in reducing costs by the implementation of the correct product to suit the application. Our years of experience and good knowledge, places us in a superior position within each industry.

Seals to suit the compressor/refrigeration industry

We successfully supply mechanical seals to suit the full range of compressor/refrigeration equipment. Our rotary seals are directly interchangeable with all other major manufacturers seals, meaning no modifications to pump housings are required, and can be offered at very competitive prices, whilst at the same time, not being detrimental to product quality!

Equipment/Seal Reference

  • Bitzer 4H, without gland plate
  • Bitzer 4M20, bellows
  • Carrier 05k2
  • Carrier 05G
  • Carrier 05G with silicon carbide seat
  • Carrier 05k4
  • Carrier 05H
  • Copeland 4CC
  • Copeland 8CC
  • Dunham & Bush Big 4
  • Frick RWB-11-100
  • Frick RWB-11-222E & 222H
  • Grasso RC9, non bellows
  • Grasso RC11, non bellows
  • J & E Hall 3/6CP
  • J & E Hall HS18-20 screw
  • J & E Hall HS20-22 screw
  • J & E Hall HS20-31 screw
  • J & E Hall HS21-20 screw
  • J & E Hall V92, VF92,HSVF92,HSVFR92
  • J & E Hall V127 Mk 6
  • J & E Hall V178
  • Howden WGRB204
  • Howden WRV163 & XRV163
  • Howden WRV204 Mk4
  • Howden WRV204 Mk5
  • Howden WRV204 Mk6 & XRV204
  • Howden WRV205
  • Howden WRV255 Mk 1 to 4f
  • Howden WRV255 Mk 5
  • Howden WRV321
  • Lightfoot VQ8
  • Lightfoot VT5
  • Lightfoot VT6
  • Lightfoot A.F36 Mk 3A
  • Lightfoot A.F50 & A.F54
  • Mycom S160
  • Prestcold E-block
  • Sabroe VMY225 & VMY236
  • Sabroe VMY225L
  • Sabroe SMC4100 to 16100
  • Sabroe TSMC108 to 165 & older SMC106
  • Sabroe 128, non-bellows
  • Sabroe 163, non-bellows
  • Sabroe 163 Mk 2 & 3, bellows
  • Sabroe CM018
  • Sabroe TCM028
  • Sabroe SMC100, TSMC100 & HPC
  • Stal S50 series (S50,51,56,57,57B,57E)
  • Stal S70 series (S70,71,73,75)
  • Stal P24
  • Stal P28
  • Stal U series (U43,83,86)
  • Thermo King 7/8″ shaft cylinder
  • Thermo King 1.0″ bellows rotary only
  • Witt GP42 22mm shaft refrigeration pump
  • Witt GP51 28mm shaft refrigeration pump

Mining Industry

Special drilling machines used in tunnel and mining applications are subjected to the most extreme service conditions. For the shown example, the required sealing system was to be integrated with the bearing and was to allow high pressure cooling water to be injected into the drill head at certain segments only.

The water was to be introduced under pressure of 70bar (1050psi) during continuous operation. The whole system, including the bearing and segment flushing, needed to be developed.
Between the inner and outer sealing set, water with a pressure of up to 70 bar is sealed. The water is dispersed between the two seals and then distributed over 16 holes in the rotating disc. As the drawing shows, a spring loaded sealing segment controls the flow path which allows water to flow through 30% of the holes at one time only.

The result is that at any rotary position of the drill head, the liquid exits at the same angle.
An additional benefit of this solution is the ability to “blind” mount the seal with an axial housing position within +/- 2mm tolerance.

Paper Industry

Acumen Seals have successfully converted leading paper mills over from packing to our economy cartridge seal. These mills are already seeing benefits:

  • Reduced wear (from lower friction),
  • Reduced heat generation (from lower friction),
  • Lower energy consumption (from lower friction),
  • Reduced maintenance requirement (from reduced wear)
  • Tighter control of shaft leakage (from extremely low or zero fluid emissions).

Food Industry

Acumen Seals is the leading manufacturer and supplier to the food industry, supplying a stationary seal used on bearing mixers.

Available in a choice of either Silicon Carbide V’s Silicon Carbide or PTFE V’s Silicon Carbide. Both with Viton elastomers. The seal is used throughout the industry. The multi-springs are made from Hastelloy C, which are used in order to eliminate chloride stress corrosion, which is an attack on the metal from chlorine or chlorides whilst under a stressed condition.

The PTFE version is an optional choice where the noise of the faces running against each other under dry running conditions is seen as a nuisance. The PTFE face reduces the noise because of it self-lubricating properties.

Chemical Industry

This industry demands the solving of demanding sealing application problems.

For most we offer one of our standard seal arrangements, the remaining however we offer a customised engineered solution.

Power Plants

In coal-fired plants the washing of exhaust gas takes place in flue gas de-sulphurization plants. Within this process lime milk is used that naturally has to be pumped within the process. The sealing of these liquids is most difficult and presents great demands on the seals.

Special difficulties arise when mechanical seals are fitted into pumps that are connected to large tanks used for lime milk preparation or reconditioning. A pump shut down has to be avoided in any circumstances since it can result in complete plant shut down. For this reason seals must have a safety seal, standstill seal, which can be activated at seal failure or time of seal replacement.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Our main business area is the design, specification and manufacture of seals to suit the O.E.M market area. Our years of experience within this field enables us to work in close partnerships with customers to correctly implement the correct sealing solution.

Acumen Seals is set up to offer dedicated service and commitment which this industry deserves. We have the capabilities to hold large stocks, and the have the ability to deliver on time and to schedule.

Our flexible approach enables us to customise the seal and even the packaging to suit the customers requirements.

In addition our in-house manufacturing gives us a competitive edge where the pricing structure is involved.

Like with existing customers, Acumen Seals have the abilities to save companies thousands of pounds on their annual spend, and without compromising overall product quality and service.


This industry and its associated variety of applications often require a bespoke sealing solution. This is to guarantee the safe operation of the sealing element.

Through our years of experience, we are able to offer a cartridge seal which greatlyassists with scheduled plant shut down using a unique safety device, works to high pressures and speeds, which is extremely reliable, and in addition, can be adapted to API standards.


Acumen Seals has worked in collaboration with manufacturers and end-users of pharmaceutical and other rotating equipment, to greatly reduce environmental regulations on fugitive emissions. We have done so with great success. Our seals are specified in at large OEM’s, with the reason relating to our understanding of this market, i.e. working with the appropriate materials for increased sanitary protection, low leakage, low emissions, contamination of product etc.


Water and waste are two distinct and different aspects of every day life. We cannot live without the former, and in living, we cannot help creating the latter. It is such an important liquid and a requirement for every person on the planet, and Acumen Seals works in close partnership to supply a service second to none to local and national water utility companies. We carry large stocks on both component and cartridge seals, and our in-house manufacturing and refurbishment facilities enable us to provide a service which greatly assists with the smooth running of pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and other water associated works.

We also supply to the Food Processing Industry