Pump Packing

Acumen offer an extensive range of gland packings designed and constructed to minimise maintenance costs. Our philosophy is to offer the most suitable packing for each application from the wide selection available using the most advanced packing fibres, the highest quality braiding methods and the best lubrication processes.

The actual cost of packing is often less than 3% of the cost of utilization when compared to the total cost of plant downtime, equipment wear, product or fluid loss, labor, and gland maintenance.

It is therefore of paramount importance when specifying a gland packing to choose from the best modern packing fibers available, using the most advanced and durable, square inter-braid construction. Combining this quality, with extensive stock holding and experienced technical advice, completes the Acumen packing service.

All Acumen packings are square-braided on the most advanced specification braiding machines available. Twenty-four and thirty-six track braiders are utilized to produce four-ply, square inter-braid packings on all sizes from 3/8 (10mm) upwards. Fibers are run from the core of the packing section to the corner posts and surfaces, whilst being cross-locked in a square, lattice construction, to produce maximum resilience and a highly dense, square packing.

The quality of packing braiding significantly affects the service life of the packing. Packings produced using smaller or outdated braiding machines lack the strength of true Cross-lock construction, are less dense and are not as square in cross-section. The looser the braid of a packing, the lower its durability will be. Additionally, greater gland pressure is required to perform a seal, resulting in increased mechanical stress. As the packing deteriorates, frequent gland adjustments are required, causing more mechanical stress on the packing, and leading to accelerated failure.

Acumen packings show a high degree of resilience and consistency of volume. Their superior, lattice, square inter-braid construction needs less gland pressure to seal, resulting in reduced equipment wear, reduced gland maintenance, and increased packing life.

The Alternative to Packing

Mechanical seals have replaced packings as the seal of choice in many applications, primarily because mechanical seals offer: reduced wear(from lower friction), reduced heat generation(from lower friction), lower energy consumption(from lower friction), reduced maintenance requirement(from reduced wear) and tighter control of shaft leakage(from extremely low or zero fluid emissions).

Our cartridge seal alternative to packing is the economy cartridge mechanical seal, which offers the following benefits.

  • Cartridge Mounted, so easily installed.
  • Pressure Balanced, so less face wear and improved life and efficiency
  • Fits into most conventional stuffing box dimensions

The Acumen Cartridge Seal is a cartridge seal for generic applications designed to maximize versatility, operation reliability and constructive implicitly. It is by definition the install and forget cartridge; made up of only 4 essential parts, sleeve, spring (acting also as driving system), rotating ring and stationary ring, the Acumen Cartridge Seal seal boasts an extreme reliability given not only by its constructive simplicity but also and most importantly by its design perfection.

The superior wave spring and the PTFE gaskets render the Acumen Cartridge Seal particularly indicated for use on moderately dirty and chemically aggressive liquids. Its reasonable price and its application versatility favour an extensive use.

All these design features reduce costs, maintenance and plant down time!

The Packing Conversion

By nature The majority of gland packings severely wear down sleeves, which costs money and lost production. All this can be reduced dramatically by converting to cartridge mounted seals.