Research and development

The failure of a seemingly simple seal can have expensive, hazardous, or even fatal consequences. Plant or equipment downtime, environmental damage, lost or spoiled production, and expensive maintenance can often be avoided by proper application of appropriate technology.

The demands on seals are increasingly stringent and much of the emphasis is on controlling environmental contamination. Our improvements are driven by new standards, legislation and economic considerations. Acumen Seals fully understand the challenge facing engineers today, and hence deploys the best possible solutions for their complex fluid sealing requirements.

The Acumen Policy for Research & Development is a simple think-tank for the analysis of local and global advanced sealing solutions, with the ultimate objective of offering comprehensive solutions to difficult applications. The approach taken by Acumen is interdisciplinary, involving research in three core fields economics, efficiency, cost – the findings of which are to assessed in an integrative manner.

Acumen Seals have an ongoing commitment to research and development. This has resulted in the continually increasing performance of mechanical seals, reflecting state-of-the-art technology which has been used in the design of seals available in the marketplace today. In anticipation of increasing environmental regulations, new generations of mechanical seal products have been developed to provide cost-effective solutions for the control of emissions. Increased life has been attained reliably with low emission single seals and double seals.

These results have been obtained through the use of improved designs, high quality face materials, attention to manufacturing and assembly details, and enhanced seal chamber environment. These advances in seal technology go hand in hand with improved installation, maintenance and operating procedures, to enable considerable reductions in fugitive emissions and hence substantial savings for the operator.

The investment policy we pursue is our commitment to continually improve the technological ability and awareness of our Company. This allows us provide a service standard, which can satisfy and surpass any, and to compete at the highest possible level.

Quality Systems

Acumen Seals have a full quality management system with regular reviews and audits. We see quality as being our core aim when achieving ongoing high levels of service. Acumen are fully involved with the relevant seal regulations and standards, and also with the development of the quality system processes and documentation. Every area of our Company infrastructure and equipment is suitably maintained and calibrated.


All our employees attend full seal technical training, with an ongoing commitment to further internal teaching.
It is the Acumen Policy to invest in its employees. The high customer satisfactions are proof of this investment success.